The team here at Motivforce Marketing & Incentives don’t just create B2B loyalty and reward programs – they re-engineer them. They are perfectionists. Experts. Only using best practices by continuously researching and analysing behavioural patterns and their effects on motivation and ultimately loyalty. Always looking to push the boundaries of motivation and B2B loyalty. It is this innovative, passionate and ground-breaking research that drives them to re-engineer B2B loyalty programs, motivational rewards, sales incentives, e-learning, corporate incentive travel and employee engagement programs like no one else.



At Motivforce, we believe in thinking differently about B2B loyalty, enablement, motivation and engagement. Our sole focus is on re-engineering loyalty marketing and sales incentive programs so that they deliver the right results for our clients.

To do this we combine unrivalled PhD level research and behavioural analytics with innovative program design, proprietary e-learning tools, technology, multi-lingual communications, tactical sales promotions and exceptional rewards to deliver award-winning programs.

Each B2B loyalty program is tailored to a specific client’s objectives and budget. We can deliver the whole program, or just one aspect – it’s up to you. If you are looking for a fresh way to reward your sales staff, recognise your employees, engage and motivate your customers or business partners, then talk to us about how Motivforce can re-engineer loyalty and rewards for your business.