Digital Transformation is Taking Over the World. Are you enabling your B2B channel to survive?

By Richard Merry

Technology is now defining the route which companies need to take in order to stay relevant and is changing at a rate so fast that organisations and to some extent, society is struggling to keep up.

And whilst digital transformation can start with the introduction of new tech, business transformation is inevitable, which can mean a complete overhaul in a company's products, positioning and ultimately, business goals.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming intelligent enough to promote itself in your social media feeds using your search history or conversations, but it hasn’t yet figured out how to close a sale. For that the channel is still the main driver of revenue.

According to a recent CRN / Redhat study, only 22% of channel partners consider themselves fully equipped to help end users with digital transformation projects and nearly 60% of partners declared that they had “...difficulty in resourcing areas such as the cloud and IoT”.

So how are companies going to ensure their products get cut through and stay relevant in the brand agnostic world of the channel?

Hiring staff with a current understanding is not going to be a cost effective solution given the pace of the the digital revolution. Channel partners need to be enabled to keep up with this growth, as their customers are there already.

Statistics show that engaging with partners on a regular basis in bite-size digestible modules, coupled with social media and gamification techniques have greater success in engagement and result in a higher amount of completions and first time passes. (Source: Motivforce R&D)

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By keeping your partners informed, you will ultimately stay relevant; don’t get left behind.