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examples of our Successful award-winning B2B Loyalty programs

We run a number of different types of successful B2B loyalty programs for industries such as IT, Travel, Financial and Health. The programs range from large multi-lingual global programs that utilise all of our SERVICES to short term regional SPIFFS. 

Below is a selection of loyalty programs examples we run for some of our clients.

celebrity cruises celebrity rewards.jpg

Celebrity Rewards

Ground-breaking travel agent incentive program for Celebrity Cruises

An overview of the hugely successful Celebrity Rewards travel agents incentive program created by Motivforce for Celebrity Cruises. The program is delivered via a bespoke-designed, user-friendly portal giving agents a one-stop shop to claim sales of Celebrity Cruises bookings, check their points balance and redeem points for rewards from the online catalogue.

lenovo LEAP

LENOVO's Award Winning LEAP Program

Motivforce developed the Lenovo LEAP (Lenovo Expert Achievers Programme) structured around two components - Learn & Earn which awarded participants with points for completing educational modules online; and Sell & Earn which rewarded participants for selling eligible Lenovo server products. Points are redeemed for MasterCard gift cards or reloadable cards. This video was showcased at the Pro Awards 2016.

The LEAP programme exceeded our optimistic expectations in a turbulent year with the divestiture of the X86 business from IBM. A sincere thanks Motivforce for your hard work planning and executing the loyalty strategy and fulfilment in so many countries.
Lenovo LEAP b2b loyalty.jpg

Lenovo Surpasses Revenue Goals By 40% With LEAP Partner Program

Lenovo, a computer manufacturer and technology company, turned to B2B loyalty marketer Motivforce to drive loyalty and engagement within its partner channel, as well as grow relationships with newly added partners from a recent acquisition. Read more

IBM KYI Know Your IBM B2B loyalty

best sales incentive

Find out how the Know Your IBM program won Best Sales Incentive at the IMA Circle of Excellence Awards. Know Your IBM (KYI) is critical to building relationships with the IBM’s Business Partners, increasing their product knowledge and growing overall revenue. IBM set stringent targets to drive KYI to new levels of engagement in 14 languages across 131 countries worldwide. We exceeded every goal and the program delivered US$675M in annual revenue to IBM - US$75M over target – and an exceptional ROI of 50:1.

The Know Your IBM offering continues to surpass our targets every year. The communication tactics and online executions by Motivforce are simply first class.

ima circle of excellence award.jpg

How well do you "Know Your IBM"? 

Thanks to Motivforce Marketing & Incentives, the IBM sales channel knows their IBM very well! Winner of the Circle of Excellence Award in the category of Sales Incentive, IBM worked with Motivforce to build a sales incentive program that was centered on increasing sales through product training. 

Using a 3-tiered model that targeted various groups of sales people, and various levels of training, Motivforce and IBM achieved a 90% program participation rate, a 20% increase in education modules completed, a more than 38% increase in certifications, and showed a return on investment of 86:1. The program also provided IBM with a unique opportunity to reach individual sales personnel in channel partner organizations via a responsive medium with which to communicate and reach the channel community, which resulted in building relationships and establishing higher levels of satisfaction and expectation.