Let us help you with your loyalty and incentive program

The team at Motivforce have become renowned in the Loyalty Marketing industry for creating award-winning loyalty programs that drive results for our clients around the world. Because of this we often get asked questions and we would love to answer any that you have. We have listed some of the common questions below, however we would welcome the chance to answer any specific questions you may have in more detail and discuss your plans so please contact us.

+ Is a loyalty program right for my business?

Every supplier or retailer nowadays seems to offer a loyalty marketing program. It’s not surprising that with such a proliferation of loyalty schemes in the B2C and B2B sectors, you can easily be convinced that launching your own program will be a panacea for all the challenges facing your business.

However, loyalty programs, like all of the marketing weapons that a business has at its disposal, are only highly effective under certain conditions and more effective for certain products and services. Read more to see if a loyalty program is right for your business

+ What is the best way to increase participation in a loyalty program?

In loyalty and incentive programs we often focus on the concept of the ‘threshold of engagement’. This is a critical concept as it defines the point at which the program participant has earned sufficient equity in a program where they switch their behavior status from being enrolled or a member to being an active participant. Read more here to increase participation in your loyalty program...

+ How can I justify a Loyalty program to my company stakeholders?

Internal misalignment often begins with a lack of a strategic vision, while clarity starts with a clear sales, marketing and loyalty strategy. Developing a cohesive strategy educates the entire company on the expectations. A clear and complete vision of the program will pre-empt a “let’s-slash-the-loyalty-budget” attitude. Educating company stakeholders is an ongoing process. Like anything else, if they don’t understand its value, you are not going to get their buy-in. Read more to justify a loyalty program to your stakeholders..

+ How do I set Reward Point values in a loyalty program?

Have you ever wondered why points are used in a loyalty program?

The answer is that all loyalty programs need a currency that can be applied to various types of participant behaviours, selling or purchasing activity. However, that currency also needs to link to your business objectives. The use of points meets these criteria. A value can be assigned to the number of points given for an activity; and an actual monetary value (dollars, pounds, cents) can be assigned to each point. Read more to see how to set point values..

+ Should I incentivise individuals or teams?

Most loyalty marketers focus on rewarding customer or business partner behaviour. Yet, there is another important side to the loyalty coin and that is recognizing the performance of employees. There is a so-called profit chain that links employee motivation and behaviour with customer loyalty. We have witnessed an important shift when it comes to employee recognition programs; the focus is no longer on incentivizing individual employees, but on rewarding the performance of teams. Read more here to see whether you should incentivise teams or individuals..