R&D Overview

Motivforce R&D, or as we call them; the Loyalty Doctors, is our business unit that deploys scientifically-proven insights and methods to push the boundaries of high performance B2B loyalty and incentive programs. Our mission is to serve our clients by offering a high-end, one-stop shop for thought leadership and dedicated expertise that results in inspiring strategies, prêt-à-porter tools, actionable advice and, most importantly, robust results.

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Deep Dive Data Analytics

Our clients are now catching-up with the need to make more intelligent use of (Big) data and make decisions that are data-driven.

We offer a programmatic approach to extracting insights from program data with a suite of analytic strategies. These allow program managers to diagnose and establish incentive program health, connect program engagement to value, identify program capacity building and growth potential and demonstrate ROI.

Our deep data dives allow you to engineer the motivation of your business partners and use your data in an intelligent way.

Driving Engaging Enablement.

We help program managers drive change through business partner enablement. This is our earning-by-learning strategy. We develop short, structured online learning content that engages business partners through self-directed, relevant learning content. These always include calls to action and assessment questions.

Motivforce R&D provides guidance to learners on their enablement pathways and certification tracks. We identify dynamic performance KPIs, based on these tracks and assist with curriculum development.

We offer enablement analytics related to content and format of training to inform predictions of business partners’ ability to engage with learning and gauge the ROI of enablement.


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Blue skies concept proofing.

There is a strategic imperative to fuel incentive programs with innovative solutions and facilitate their deployment for day-to-day sales practice.

Understanding the loyalty marketing potential of AI-fuelled chatbots, unlocking the value of Augmented and Virtual Reality and online gaming strategies and charting the value of social media for member motivation are examples of how technological innovations are fundamentally changing incentive programs.

We offer thought leadership and client-to-client learning through global client forums and dedicated, on-site workshops and experience events to help you make your program is future-proof.


Tailoring bespoke solutions

We offer short-term, business problem-focused solutions to clients to address imminent concerns and challenges. We can help you to convincingly build that business case or concierge reporting that C-suite execs depend upon.

We design research tools that capture the satisfaction of your members, as well as feedback on how and what to improve. And for program managers looking to invest in or revamp their program, we offer guidance to unlock business-as-unusual opportunities and develop fresh engagement strategies that make their programs shine and grow to create a wow experience for members.

Some “Idea Tasters” from our R&D experts

Participation in your rewards or loyalty program can be boosted by engaging communications. There are 2 communication strategies with a motivational focus: Promotion focus and prevention focus. Watch this video highlighting 3 easy steps for creating effective program communications to bolster engagement in your program.
With the majority of companies using online learning as a tool to to ensure they keep in sync with industry changes how can they ensure that these learning programs realise learning goals as well as program objectives. This is where Assessment Analytics comes in to play. Watch this short video to learn more.

Most loyalty reward programs group their members into tier status such as Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. These are very broad classifications. Isn't there a better way to profile your members?

Take a look at our Engagement to Value E2V approach.

Innovative loyalty programs leverage the potential of social media to spread information quickly. Social Loyalty is all retweets and pass-alongs with most of us sharing content on social media. With a 600% increase in social media posts expected in 2020, how can loyalty program managers leverage this exponential growth with content worth sharing?

Our expert analysis shows what and when big successful brands post to maximise social sharing.